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Tru Tru Stories is an Irish lifestyle brand specialising in textiles for both interiors and fashion. The brand is focused on print, colour and texture and is inspired by the Irish landscape, wildlife, plants and flowers, all of which have a story behind them. Tru Tru Stories was created by Trudy Feighery, a graduate from NCAD and London College of Fashion in 2017.


Irish Design

With a ‘more is more’ attitude to print and pattern- Trudy has always been drawn to wallpaper, printed textiles, patterned tiles and rich fabrics. Trudy studied textile design at the National College of Art and Design in Ireland and is a registered designer with the Design & Crafts Council, Ireland. 

Irish Birds and Irish plants have provided an abundant source of inspiration for Tru Tru Stories. Their endless forms and variety of colours provide rich visual content for timeless prints bursting with life.


Story Telling

Almost all birds, animals and plants have a story, associations or beliefs behind the,m and Tru Tru Stories sets out to remember them by retelling their individual stories. The magpie for example, is said to foretell the future and the robin brings important news. 


Irish people are known for their storytelling abilities and it comes as no surprise that there are endless stories and myths within folklore associated with plants and wildlife found in the natural environment.  Tru Tru Stories is setting out to unearth these stories from the past and to celebrate them through print, colour and pattern.